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Artist Lineup

Guy Aitchison is sending out invitations over the next two months. Most of the booth spaces are spoken for, but if you are wanting to be part of this show please let us know and we will keep you in consideration as we hammer out the final details.
Appointments are secured by the artists, please contact them directly. 

Shawn Barber

Memoir Tattoo

Nikko Hurtado

Black Anchor Tattoo

kim saigh

Memior Tattoo

Hannah Aitchison

Curosity Shop

Guy Aitchison

Hyperspace Studios

Jeff Gogue

26 Swords Tattoo

Deano Cook

Sink or Swim Tattoo

Bob Tyrrell

Night Gallery Tattoo

Jon Clue

Juan Salgado

Color Conspircacy

Kari Barba

Outer Limits

Nick Baxter

Stefano Alcantara

Steve Butcher

Lux Altera


Steve Moore

Christina Cristie

Black Rabbit Tattoo

BJ Betts

State Street Tattoo

Cory Ferguson

Good Point Tattoos

Shaine A Smith

Orge Kalodimas

Sake Tattoo

Timothy B Boor

Bohemian Tattoo Club

Mike Cole

Laura Jade

26 Swords

Carson Hill

Nuema Tattoo


Jesse Smith

Loose Screw Tattoo

Nich chaboya

Golden Moon Gallery

Gabe Londis


Ty McEwen


Jesse Levvit

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